Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ronnie's Got Some New Specs

Hey dad, nice new glasses! Everyone check out Ronnie's new specs. He looks pretty tough in this shot huh? Not someone you'd want to mess with in a dark alley...They are bifocals, but you can't even tell! They are blended. Tres chic.

I think I'm gonna go get a new pair pretty soon, something trendy...I better ask my dad for some advice on style.

Tomorrow I'm taking 9 girls to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, then Monday I am running a Mary Kay "pamper party" for the girls and then Tuesday I am taking 5 of them to the art museum to see an exhibit on the Harlem Renaissance. Do I have a cool job or what??? Only one week till my mom comes to visit. That will be so much fun. Anyone else want to come see us? You're always welcome!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Wedding of the Century

Well, well, well. It looks like I missed quite a party this weekend! Living in Florida has it's missing out on F U N weddings. Doesn't Linny look cute? Along with her are my friend Melissa (center) and Linny's friend Yvonne (left). Lin, this is yet another attempt to bribe people to look at my site by featuring pics of you. Will it work? I think we still only have about 4 readers. I told dad that he'd better get on the bandwagon here and start posting. He is Mr. Internet-mania...

Today was a lovely day at work, the girls were pretty well behaved, and I taught a class on nutrition. I am not really the best person to teach nutrition as my diet is far from healthy. Today I had brownies for breakfast, chinese food for lunch and a DQ blizzard for dinner. Hmm...Yeah I should definitely NOT be teaching nutrition classes. Then we all piled into a school van to get fingerprinted because there is the new law called the Jessica Lundsford Act (remember that little girl who was kidnapped in March?) and the law says everyone working in a school has to be fingerprinted by the Department of Education. I've already been fingerprinted by the Sheriff's Office but I guess that isn't good enough. So anyway we squished in this van like it was a clown car and drove downtown and when we got there...their computers were down and we couldn't get fingerprinted. So that was a really productive afternoon. We ended up going back to work with no ink on our fingers. Maybe tomorrow we will get luckier.

I'm about halfway through the process of applying to UCLA for graduate school. Did I mention that I want to go to UCLA for grad school? I found a program there called Masters of Social Welfare. I'd be concentration on Organizations, Community and Policy. My eventual goal would be to run my own non-profit organization. It looks like a great I just have to ace my GRE's and write a very impressive personal and professional statement. Yikes! You might be thinking, why UCLA? Since when are you going to California? Well, nothing is for sure yet, of course, but there is a good chance Rob will get stationed in Southern California in the spring so UCLA would be a great location for me to be in school. Plus I LOVE THE PROGRAM and I have wanted to go to UCLA since I was 15. I've been rejected from there once, I'm not sure I can take it again. My application needs to ROCK.

Any ideas on why I think I'd make a good social worker???


Friday, September 23, 2005


Hi guys,

So it's Friday and wow am I happy about that. This week has say the least. The girls have been insane! I've had fights, runaways, murder threats, and 3 girls that want a new counselor because I apparantly suck. (those three girls actually changed their minds and decided to love me again after all...) Good thing I love these girls I guess. I went to the mall after work with my friend Amanda and saw two students there. They are everywhere. I can't get away. Haha. This week hasn't been too eventful. We went to the movies to see Lord of War with Nicholas Cage. It was way better then I expected, it's about drug running in Africa. I guess I am in an African movie kick lately. These kinds of movies really make ya think. Life in Africa is like a different world. Last night we went out for Mexican food which was delicious and watched the season premiere of CSI. I LOVE CSI. We watch the Vegas one which is the best. I am so addicted and have a big crush on Nick Stokes. It's on Thursday nights if you want to watch the new ones but re-runs are on Spike TV all the time. It's so so so so good.

How are you guys spending your Friday night? I'm going to spend my Friday night studying for the GRE. Graduate Record Examination. The bane of my existence. But...I want to go to grad school so I have to take the test. I can't believe how much math my brain has forgotten. I was once a calculus student. Now I can barely find the area of a circle. I have some serious learning to do between now and Novemeber 5th.

So have I told you we are moving into Pensacola next month? YES! We're moving out of Milton, away from the goat farm, away from the bible beaters, away from the barber shops that still cut a mean mullet...and to the land of civilization, a mere 5 minutes from my work, the mall, bars and restaurants and only 15 minutes from the beach! Hooray! I am so excited. We are moving from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom so it will be a little smaller but worth it to be in the land of the living. This does mean though, that if you come to visit you will have to sleep on the couch, no more spare bed...

Okeedokee folks, I'm gonna take Lucy out for a walk and crack the books. I am such a nerd, I know. I've decided not to fight it. I'll just be proud of my nerdiness. Hope you're having more fun tonight than I am!



Friday, September 16, 2005

Here by Popular Demand...

Good morning lovely bloggers! Someone told me that people reading this blog do not just want to see pictures of me. They apparently want to see pictures of Linny as well. I thought about it and I guess it is probably true. I will from now on be posting pictures of Linny as an added bonus and additional reason to read my blog. We still don't have a lot of commenters on here and I thought maybe this will be a way to popularize the site. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to see pictures of of my sister? In this particular shot aboard the Zuiderdam, Linny is posing with a strange looking boy. Many of the crew and guests on the ship speculated that they were a married couple. My inside information tells me that this is not the case. Either way Linny, I wouldn't let Wesley see this. Hahaha. It doesn't take much to amuse me these days. Well readers, I am going to try to find myself some strep throat drugs. I love you, and I miss you, especially my sister.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who's Got Gas???

Not THAT kind of gas. Don't be gross...
Fuel. For my car. My car that takes me 25 miles each morning to work and 25 miles home again. The gas crisis has pretty much passed here. There aren't 2 hour lines anymore and many stations do have at least regular unleaded in stock. That's all I ever use anyway. I had to wait for 45 minutes the other day which wasn't so much fun but at least I got filled up. I'm getting low again though and when I drove to work today it was looking like places were starting to run out. I feel pretty sure I'll find a place but it is really weird to have to worry about it. I've never been in a situation where gas wasn't plentiful. I think that says a lot about how we live in America. In 23 years this is the first time I've ever been worried about going without something that I need. It makes me feel grateful for what I have evern while I feel cranky for having to wait in gas lines for 45 minutes. We are a lot luckier than we realize.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Rob and Lucy Continue to be in Love...

Yes, I have resigned myself to the fact that Rob will never love me as much as he loves Lucy. He says she is the love of his life. She gets many hugs and kisses from him every day. I do not. What a lucky girl she is...

Today I had to go to the Family Expo at the Pensacola Fairgrounds. This was a particularly southern event. They had a stage and people were (willlingly and without alcohol) doing the Macarena, Electric Slide and other dances that will not be done at our wedding. I watched and laughed. I did not join in. My job was to sit at the PACE Center for Girls booth and give out pens and tell people what it is that we do. After I was done being PR manager for the day I went to the blood drive bus and gave blood. I was waiting to donate and watching them try to stick the lady before me and let's just say it was less than reassuring. They were jamming that needle around in her arm, she was crying, it was a mess. I was a little nervous but luckily I have big veins. She only had to jam the needle around a little bit till I started to bleed. She said I'm a quick bleed and it only took about 6 minutes to fill my bag. What can I say, I'm a bleeding overachiever.

Nothing too exciting has happened here this week. It's still hot, I'm still working a lot, and Rob is still waiting to find out where and when he is going next. I saw the movie The Constant Gardener yesterday and it was really good. It's about a British diplomat living in Africa. His wife gets killed in this big conspiracy. I highly recommend it.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. Post comments and let me know. I love you guys!


Monday, September 05, 2005

My kind of town..Chicago is...

Well, well. I had a really fun weekend in Chicago. It was so great to spend time with my girls and my family. I miss you guys a lot when I'm gone.

I spent Friday night with my sister, we had dinner at Beat Kitchen. That place was really good. I recommend it! We went there to eat and ended up sitting there yapping for about three hours! I love my sister. Linny said there were a lot of "thespians" there. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Not sure.

Saturday morning mom, Linny, Dana and I went to the Art Institute for the Toulouse-Lautrec and Montmartre exhibit. It was great! The only problem is that it made me want to go buy a plane ticket and go to Paris right this minute. (Unless Ed McMahon is about to come to my door with one of those huge cardboard checks, I don't really see that trip happening right now.) It was pretty cool to see all those paintings and pictures of places that I've actually been! Then Dana and I checked into our hotel, had a little nap and met the girls for our sixth annual girls' birthday dinner at Wildfire.
The food was really good and I had a delicious wild raspberry martini. But who is that weirdo in the back of our picture?? He is definitely not a GVC girl. It's like that Sesame Street of these things is not like the other...One of these things just doesn't belong...Yeah buddy get your goofy self out of our picture! After dinner we set out for Rockit, Shenanigans and Mothers. A few drinks, a little dancing and some bad kareoke and before we knew it, it was 3:30am. We had so much fun! Girls' birthday dinner will be a tradition for the rest of our lives! Hooray!

Sunday was filled up with a BBQ at mom and dad's house. Ronnie took our orders and manned the grill like a pro. (Great baked beans dad. Delicious.) I'm still pretty dissapointed that Wesley didn't do a Ronnie impression though. I also feel a little bad that Jason had to blow out matches instead of candles. The effect isn't really the same. Better luck next year bro. Sunday night I made my first visit to Skores. Believe it or not, I had never been to a Norridge bar. It was a little weird to see so many Ridgewood people in one place but nice to talk to everyone I saw there.

I dragged myself off the couch at 5:45am and went to the airport. Thanks for the ride dad! Two plane rides later here I am back on the big red couch. Most of you know the big red couch. It is possibly the best couch ever made. Lucy and Rob were really happy to see me. The weekend went by so very fast and I feel like I barely even left Pensacola. But for those of you that I didn't get to see, don't worry, dry your eyes, I will be home for a week and a half at Christmas so there will be plenty of Amy to go around. Haha. Going home reminded me of how much I love Chicago and how much I love my friends and family. Life in Pensacola is good, I've made friends and I love my job, but...and this is corny beyond belief, I know...there really is no place like home.

Famous Amos

Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to class...My name is Ms. Amy

Good morning lovely blog readers! (All three of you.) Today our English teacher and substitute teacher are out sick. Guess who gets to teach today??? You guessed it. Me. Now let me tell you, I LOVE my girls here. I especially love them one at a time. But put 12 of them in one small classroom (now remember these girls are here becuase they have been expelled from public school) and you have quite a group. Luckily I had the brilliant idea of letting them all play Scrabble and bribed them by offering a prize to the winner. This should hopefully keep the girls from revolting and taping me to my chair or similar. One of the girls is singing about lighting up and passing a blunt, another just told her friend to "Go F%$& a Duck" and the rest keep asking to go to the bathroom. I love my job.