Friday, June 27, 2008


Hi Everybody!

Well I arrived on the ship 2 days ago in Barcelona and today we are docked in Monaco. It's been a great day! I've been at the beach in a little town called Eze-Sur-Le-Mer where me and four other girls had a nice lunch (although the service was SO one is in a hurry in the French Riviera I guess...) and then had a really good swim. I'm so buoyent in salt water!

I actually don't have to work until 9:30 tonight so I'm back in for a shower and then going to have a cocktail at a bar on the dock called Stars and Bars. Tonight we set sail around 11pm and head to Livorno, Italy which is close to Pisa and Florence. Everyone here is really nice and so far I haven't had to work too many hours but that could all change now that we have a new cruise director on board. Just have to wait and see.

Ireland was fantastic. We spent a lot of time just relaxing and took a drive to the country for a few days. I've got some new that some of you already know, but Steve has asked me to move to Dublin when I finish my ship contract. So...I'll be living in Ireland starting this fall! We spent a lot of time researching the visa requirements and job stuff and I think everything will fall into place. Anyway more on that later but just wanted to let you all know. I told Steve I was gonna post a message to you all saying :

Dear Amy's Family,

She's mine now.

Love, Steve

Haha. Aren't I funny?

Okay this is expensive so I'll say bye for now. Pictures soon!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Family Weekend

Here's a photo shoot of the Thorn kids at their second Chop House dinner in 2 weeks...Spoiled??


Hi Everbody,

Thanks to all of you who made it to my going away/graduation party this weekend! For those who didn' missed a great time and for those who left missed watching my entire family dancing on the Ginger's bar! The rest of family weekend has been very busy. Linny, Mom and I went to Spacio for massages yesterday afternoon, last night we hung out at our place and watched movies, today we all went to MayFest in Lincoln Square and then to dinner at the Chop House. Now I'm completely stuffed with prime rib and ready for bed. Linny is moving into her new home tomorrow and I'm starting to move my boxes into storage. Can you BELIEVE I'm leaving in 9 days??