Friday, June 23, 2006


Back on my blog, that is...sorry folks, I've been super busy with the new job and haven't been online much lately. I really love being YPD (youth program director) and so far everything is going well. I have 5 people on my staff right now and they are all fantastic and do whatever I tell them too. Haha. Last night was fun, I went out again in Victoria, but it was Alan and Steve's last night and I am so sad they are gone. Alan is coming back in 4 weeks but I'll be gone by then...That's the worst part of ship life. Your friends are always leaving. The picture is us in the Viking, that's where I always go in Juneau to play pool. I lost 7 games in a row last week. It wasn't pretty. Oh linny! The shirt I'm wearing is the one that reminds me of you! Well folks, I'm going to lay down for half an hour before heading to work. Love you and miss you all. See you in a few more weeks!!!


Monday, June 12, 2006

Have you ever kissed a sea cucumber??

I bet you haven't!!! Well take a look at me with my new boyfriend, Mr. Sea Cucumber! Elizabeth (in pic) and Tiana and I hit up the Sitka aquarium this week and got to hold a bunch of weird sea creatures. That is the aquarium behind us. All is well on the ship, I take over as YPD in three more days but I feel ready. Tonight is Top-Secret Assignment night so I get to dress up like a spy...Then it's disco fever night so I'll get glammed up to go to the Beatles show and then to the Crow's Nest for a bevy with Staci. Yay! Yesterday was Phillipine Independance Day so I went to a crew party which featured a live Filipino band and a really good drag queen show! Woo Hoo!! Melissa G-I LOVE SUGAR BREAD! You know what I'm talking about?? Wow it was so good. Well, not much else to say, have to go get my laundry and get ready for spy night. Glad everyone got to meet MB, he is a doll.



Monday, June 05, 2006

Meet my new friend...

Mr. Bear. He lives in Victoria, BC. In case you aren't reading the "comments" section, I have been promoted to Youth Program Director and have extended my contract yet again. I'll now be coming home July 14th. I know, I know...I said I wouldn't extend again but I've been sucked in. Linny and I have tickets to France for July 26th so this time I can't possible stay longer. Never fear. I'm loving my life and honestly couldn't be happier (except of course if sister was here with me). We were in Juneau today and I had fun, Staci (my boss) and I had sushi and then played some pool at the Viking. I beat her. How's home??? Anything exciting going on? Okay well that's all I've got for now. See you in 5.5 weeeks. I promise.