Monday, July 17, 2006

Fun with Old and New Friends...

Hey friends,
Here are a few shots from last Thursday in Victoria, B.C. Check out the cool dudes we made friends with! Haha. I think the guy in red reminds me of Vlade...very strange. Could definitely have been friends of yours, dad. Haha. Just kidding I love your friends. The other shot is of my much more lovely friends, Tiana, Kristen, Elizabeth and myself. Club HAL, Club HAL, What's up? What's up?...Oh I am so sad to be leaving. I'm gonna miss this so much...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Are YOU talkin to ME?

Hi guys,

Not much to say, but I'll be home a week from today!! Yippee!! I wanted to say a big thanks and "you rock" to Linny, who found us an apartment today! Wooo Hooooo! Maybe we will have a housewarking when we move in so you can come see it. Go Linny! You are the best!!!

My nose looks really big in this picture. I love you guys! See ya soon!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who Rocks the Side Ponytails?

Club HAL does!!! We all rocked side-front ponies this week as well as our new "animal print slap bracelets AND cool press on jewel-tone earrings. My job is the best job ever. Well folks, I'll be home in 2 more weeks. Are you excited? Seeing as I have a plane ticket to France I can't possible extend any longer so this time is really it. Actually coming home. Plane ticket from Seattle to Chicago is booked and I'll be arriving at O'Hare around 10pm on 7/21. Home for a mere 4 days and then off we go to France. Wow! I'm such a jet setter! I climbed a mountain in Juneau this week and it was gorgeous. I took about 70 pictures. Some were of me frolicking around the mountain top Sound of Music style. We sang "the hills are alive" about 10 times that day. Haha. I think I'm getting weirder and weirder as this contract goes on. I am definitely goofy these days. Who misses me the most? Let's have a contest and see who can dome up with the most reasons. The winner can take me out for dinner. Haha. Just kidding about the dinner but if you want to have a contest I'm ok with that!