Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!

Yeah, over here they don't say Merry weird is that? I had drinks with this girl Jenn yesterday, she's a new friend of mine from Canada, but she's married to a paddy, so we had a good long chat about the weird words here. Like HOT PRESS. You think...something that you use to make a panini? No. Irish people say hot press when they mean, the closet where your hot water heater lives. Just another oddity that I will never understand.
How do you like my pics? Let's see...we have me and linny and jason with G&G at the Chop House for their Annual Dinner Night, then the demolition of the front of the house, Steve put in a huge new front window and did plenty of damage taking out the old one, then is my first painting that I've completed in art class...not a great pic of it but the painting turned out really well. I'm on to my second and third now...and finally is Steve and I at a fancy hotel we visited a few months back, which was a birthday gift from his family. Sweeeet.

So what is everyone up to for Christmas? P.S. sorry I've been delinquent with this thing...very busy with work and all but still no excuse... I think I heard everyone is going to Auntie Laurie's for Christmas Day? What about tonight? We're probably staying in tonight, although it seems that Christmas Eve is a "go out to the pub" holiday here...I suppose any excuse for a pint, really...haha. Just Kidding! Steve, Ruthie and I all have head colds, so I think its PJ's and bad TV for us. Tomorrow morning we're going to his sister Lynn's house for breakfast and then Ruthie is making a ham and a turkey tomorrow night. Friday is a holiday here too. It's called St. Steven's Day, so I assume Steve will think we are all supposed to walk around worshipping him. I'm going to hide all the grapes just in case.

All is well here. Work has been VERY busy and we are still very understaffed, but I still really like the job. My mom will be here in three weeks, which is cool! My immigration expires while she is here, so we will be in Ireland for a week, then Scotland for a few days and then to London for a bit. Then I'll stay in London an extra week while I wait for my new paperwork to come thru...fingers crossed that it does...

My friend Evelyn from DC emailed me last week to see if I want to meet her in Spain in March, so I said Woo Hoo! Count me in! Sooo...Madrid is on the horizon. You ahve no idea how excited I will be to get some sun!!!

I hope people are still checking this, I'll send a reminder email that a new post is up and then everyone can get to commenting. I want to hear what everyone got for Christmas!!

P.S. I am sending gifts home for mom, dad, linny and jason with mom next month. I didnt get to the post office in time for the "Christmas Post" and everything shuts down here completely from now till about January I said...strange land...

LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! Merry Christmas!!!