Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween

Hi my gorgeous readers! Well, we have moved into our new apartment and finally have our internet turned on. I LOVE living in Pensacola, it's so nice to be in civilization. I have a 5 minute drive to work now. Yippee!!! Let's see...a lot has happened since last time I posted. We went to Athens, GA a few weeks ago to see some friends...that was super fun. We shopped, had pizza, went to some bars, a good time had by all. Last weekend we moved to our new apartment and spent most of the weekend unpacking. Our new place is a lot smaller then our old one but we did manage to get all our furniture in here. It's a little cramped but not too bad. Lucy likes it. She is sleeping on her daddy's chest right now. Friday was our school halloween party and I was a zombie prom queen (see pic). I won the costume contest! I won a day off of work! WooHoo! Then after work my bosses and co-workers and I all went out drinking. This was a bad idea. My supervisor kept buying me cosmopolitans and before I knew it, it was 2am. I was so sick yesterday. We were supposed to go to a Halloween party last night but I was still sick. All in all, 36 hours of hangover. Amy will not be drinking for quite some time. I guess this isn't much of an update, but it's been business as usual here. Tomorrow I'm taking the girls to volunteer at a huge charity garage sale all day, so that will be pretty fun, Tuesday I have to go to court for one of my girls' placement hearing to see if she gets put in a mental health group home...and I think the rest of the week should be pretty normal. I'm taking the GRE on Saturday, wish me luck on that. I'm going to spend most of today studying and taking practice tests. Ew. What's goin on in Chicagoland? I miss you guys!


Friday, October 14, 2005

I need your HELP!

Hi guys,

Okay, we are having a Halloween Party here at school and we have a staff costume contest. I don't know what to be!!! I really want to win this contest. Please comment with ideas. It could be for just me, or a theme for up to three people. Please help!!!


Monday, October 10, 2005

Teen Angst

Hi my fabulous readers!

So today my mom packed up my books for me (since we are moving to Pensacola in two weeks) and she left a few of my little notebook-y things out. I was looking though them and I found one that had a poem in it that I wrote in high school. Oh my god I must have really thought I was a Bronte sister or something. It screams...I am a miserable teenager and I want you to be miserable with me! I am suffering! What exactly was I suffering from? A bad hair day? Forgot to study for a test? Not sure. I can't really think of anything that would make me sad enough to write this poem. Do you want to read it? I thought about whether or not to post it, because while it is entertaining for ME to read something I wrote seven or eight years ago, I'm not so sure it will be entertaining for me when OTHER people read it and comment on it and tell me GOD AMY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU ARE SO OVER-DRAMATIC! Well please consider that I did write it as an emotional wreck of a teenager and I am sharing it with you for entertainment value only and please don't make fun. Thank you.

Here it is.

alone once again as usual,
i CHOOSE my solitude.
or does it choose me?
i can't be sure.
i'm the weird girl and
no one knows it but me.
how bizarre.
no one acts like me
and no one gets how i am,
what i do.
i'm a piece of the same puzzle
but i've been warped
by a spilled drink and
the heat of the sun glaring
through the kitchen window.
i don't quite fit.
the picture on the surface is right
but i'm the wrong shape-
maybe i'm not supposed to be stuck in their puzzle.

I found two other poems too. Maybe I will post them. We'll see.

Love Me.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Have you missed me?

Hi everyone,

Okay so I've been bad at posting lately, I know. I've been pretty busy with work and now my mom is here visiting! She was supposed to leave tomorrow but she's having so much fun she's gonna stay till Thursday! We've been all over the gulf coast this weekend. Friday we went to Destin to do a little outlet shopping, we saw the movie Two for the Money (it was really good!) and went to La Hacienda for a Mexican dinner. Yesterday was pretty chill, we just layed by the pool most of the day, then went grocery shopping and then mom and I cooked a delicious mushroom casserole FROM SCRATCH! For those of you who know my mom, you must be thinking...Sue cooked? something from scratch? Haha. Well I assure you she is a great cook. It turned out great. Tonight we are going to make mixed berry cobbler. It's like Betty Crocker lives here! Woo Hoo! Today was BEACH DAY. It was gorgeous. Sunny, a little breezy, hot, and the water was clear blue. Perfect beach day. Finally the grand finale of the weekend so far, we played neighborhood softball this afternoon. Mom hit the ball a bunch of times, got on base and SCORED! Yay for mom! She was a little worried about her skills but don't you worry, she did great. I had a couple good hits and caught one fly ball. I'm a little winded. Well folks, thats all for now, I promise more pics soon!

Love you!