Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I fly thru the trees with the greatest of ease...

Well hello! I have had a fantastic day. Possibly the best since I’ve been on board. We docked in Puntarenas, Costa Rica this morning and Rachel, Brianne and I met up with Brianne’s friend Mauro. First we went for a great breakfast of “pinto especial” which was rice, black beans, eggs, bacon and ham and a tortilla with a glass of fresh watermelon juice. It was SO GOOD. Then we drove through the country and stopped at a river to look for crocodiles, but we only found a cow and some iguanas. There was a really cool old wooden bridge so of course we had to take a few pictures. So we kept driving in the Costa Rican countryside which was just gorgeous, to a huge national forest were we went zip lining. It was so great! Even better and faster then the one we did in Puerto Vallarta. We took lots of pics (of course) and the scenery was amazing, in the middle of the mountains and the rainforest…so pretty. The best part, though, was the superman cable. They hook you up in this harness and you fly TWO THOUSAND FEET THOUGH THE AIR!!! WOW! It was so scary but so cool and I loved it. Finally we had a delicious lunch at the forest restaurant of rice, beans, ribs, pork, salad, fried plantains, mashed potatoes and rice pudding. Mauro just dropped us off back at the ship and I’m exhausted. Time for a little nap before work tonight. Hope you like the pictures!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm Feeling Mysterious

Thats me...in case my mask is so good that you can't tell. Laura (the girl in the background) decided to have a "asquarade" themed party for her birthday so that's me being masqueradish. Here's what happened today...WE WERE STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!!! Wow!! No damage, just a really loud BOOM. It was cool but the kids freaked out a little. Then tonight a 13 yr old convinced our two 8 yr olds to kiss. then the other kids made a big deal out of it and the 8 yr olds started crying. This is the point when Staci and I find out what happened. Their parents are going to LOVE us. I can't even remember being 8 yrs old but I KNOW I wasn't kissing boys till I was at least 9. Haha. Kidding dad.

Tomorrow I'm going zip lining in the jungle. Wish me luck!

Love you and miss you all. If anyone sees my sister give her a big hug and kiss for me.


Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy April 21st

Hi Guys,

Wow you are all commenting champions! I love when I get new comments, it totally brightens my day. Today we are transiting the Panama Canal, going all the way thru to the Pacific. We are on Chicago time right now and will be going thru more locks this afternoon around 1 or 2 pm. If you are by your computer, go to www.pancanal.com and click on the Miraflores Locks...you may be able to see our ship on the camera! (m.s. Zaandam, big ship, blue and white)

Tonight we have an overnight in Amador, Panama which is near Panama City. I have the night off so I think I'm going out for a nice dinner somewhere. In a few days we will be in Puntarenas, Costa RIca, where I will be going on another Jungle Zip Cord tour though the rainforest. I'm so exicted! I'll try to take pics and not lose my camera. Pretty soon we will be in Alaska, and while the scenery will be gorgeous, the weather may turn cold. I'm enjoying the heat while I can.

Sorry that today's picture isn't anything to special, its me on the beach in Half Moon Cay with the ship in the background. I'm gonna miss that beach, it's so pretty...Time is really flying for me and I can't believe I'll be home in 7 weeks. Well, time to go back to work, and by work I mean go have a bubble gum chewing contest, play catch phrase, make lizard key chains, and other very strenous activities. Haha. Love you all a lot.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Haircut

okay you either have to turn your head sideways or turn your computer sideways, but here is a shot of my new haircut. she took about 4 inches of the back, it was getting really long!! i really like it. just wanted to share.

love you lots

amos bo bamos

Monday, April 17, 2006


Hi Granny! I talked to Johnny Mathis and he wanted me to post this picture for you and send you a special birthday wish. He's really sorry he couldn't call you himself, but he is very busy doing something important, like, um, singing? Or posing for cool 1980's style pictures? Or something? Anyway he was really sorry and will try to make it to Norridge next year to serenade you, but for now he wanted to be sure you knew that he is your biggest fan and he loves you dearly, but knows that he could never steal you away from Grandpa so he won't even try, because that would just hurt his pride when you reject him. He will settle for admiring you from afar. He hopes you have a fantastic birthday and would like you to play a few of his songs while you celebrate your day.

I, on the other hand, just want to wish you a happy birthday and would not like you to play any of my songs, except maybe the cassette tape of me singing "Tomarmow, Tomarmow"...just a thought...for your listening pleasure. I hope you have a great day and that you do something very fun and enjoyable, like get a facial or a manicure, or go to the beach, or have a nice dinner or go to a piano bar...or something else that will make you happy.

Love you very much!!

Everyone else, feel free to send B-day wishes to Granny via this blog. Open forum.

Love you all!

Famous Amos

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hi Readers!

Here you see Jacob and I on "school girl" night in the bar. the closest I got to the school girl look was pigtails, a button up shirt and jeans. No skanky little skirts for this girl. Jacob, on the other hand, went all out, bow tie, backpack and all. Silly. We left today for our 21 day repositioning and are headed (eventually) for Alaska. Tomorrow we will be in the Bahamas for the last time. I'll miss Half Moon, its a great island!!! I got to talk to a few of you today, that was great, esp Sister and Sweetums. I miss everyone but my contract is now more than halfway over and I feel like I'll be home before I know it! I'm concerned that I'll lose my tan, being in Alaska for 5 weeks, but the blog has the pics to prove that I am indeed a brown bear. Anyway, I'm tired and we have 10 kids on board instead of the 2 we were expecting, so it will be a rather long 21 days. Time for Amy to hit the sack. Whats going on at home???

Love, Me

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tanny McTannerson

Hola friends and family! As you can see in pic, that is Brianne, Laura and me in front of the m.s. Zaandam. Now that you're all home from vacation we can start having some proper blog comments again! I was getting so bored, checking the blog every day and no new comments coming! I'm doing well today, we are at sea but I have fantastic teens this cruise so my job is really quite enjoyable. Today we had a scavenger hunt, played scattergories (which I ROCK AT) played arcade games and made hemp bracelets. Tonight is name that tune (RED RIVER VALLEY!!) and kareoke which I also love. What a fun day! Tomorrow we are in Aruba but I have IPM so I'll probably be working in the library and laying by the pool. I'll be hme in two months and three days, so mark your calendars! I want to go to Green Lake for a while when I get home in June, before I find a job and cant take a few days off...Granny, when is good for you? We will party hardy, find us a piano bar and get crazy on Southern Comfort Old Fashioneds! Whoo Hoo! Linny you better come too, and Jason. Replay of our childhood years. Maybe grandpa will even sing the sick cow song and on the way home we will sing "turn the car around the other way....back it up and stop on yesterday....down on our knees, we beg you please, to turn the car around the other way...." Yes I think this is a brilliant plan and it must be followed at all costs. Mid-June. Let's make it happen. Okay I'm hyper tonight so I will go to the gym and run a few miles.

love to all