Saturday, September 30, 2006

Im drowning in social work reading!

Hi everyone.

Grad school is time consuming! So I have finally finished with all the orientations, meetings, workshops, etc and got thru my first week of classes without too much trouble. The reading load is immense but I have a study group so we are splitting things up to make it manageable. My professors are very good and I haven't started my intership yet (I will this week) but my supervisor is nice and I think I'll learn a lot. I have to apologize ahead of time, but for the next few months I will probably be missing in action. I have class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and internship in Northbrook on Tues and Thurs and I work at Gingers on Saturdays and Sundays. As you can see...not much in terms of free time. I do have SOME Friday afternoons/evenings free so maybe we can plan something soon? I still haven't seen the Ondrlas since I got back!

On Monday I'm going to a break fast for Yom Kippur. I'm supposed to cook something for the potluck but I have no idea when I'l have time. Maybe I'll just buy something at Jewel...I know that's cheating...

Our place is good, out building manager is here now doing some repairs on our kitchen sink...Jason is over too, watching the NU game. They're losing... :( ...and Linny is in Indy this weekend with Matt. She's doing well but very very busy too. She is working at the Pilsen/Little Village Mental Health Clinic doing drug and alcohol counseling. She has her own clients now and is learning a lot but not getting paid...gotta love internships. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays she has class at Triton and she's still bartending on Tuesday nights.

Well, I'm procrastinating and should be reading about the history of social work in the U.S. since 1890. How is everyone? Let me know whats going on in the outside world!!



Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello from "The Wellington"

That's what my dad calls our new place. The Wellington. Yes I guess we are very posh over here.'s what's been going on lately:

I got a job working at Ginger's Ale House on Ashland, so I'll be there most weekends either waiting tables or bartending. Woo hoo! I have about two straight weeks of orientations going on now, first at Jewish Child and Family Services (where I will be interning on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the entire school year), then downtown for my fellowship program (they're even putting us in a hotel Friday night so we can't escape! yikes!) and then next week will be orientation for University of Chicago, where I'll meet my "cohort" which is the group of students with whom I'll have all my classes for the entire year. Hopefully I'll like them because we'll be spending A LOT of time together...classes, projects, etc...then finally, the week after that, I start classes. So I will be running around like a headless chicken for the next few weeks. What's new I guess...

Other than that, our apartment is very very cute and is all done except for being painted. I'd like to have a little come see our new place party but not till after we paint and Linny and I both have the same night off...that's rare. Linny has been very busy too with school and her new internship, but I'll let her tell you about that next time she posts. Lucy is doing great, she really likes her new home and is sleeping on the couch in a little ball at the moment. She wants to play with Gus the bunny, but Gus is scared of her and I'm a little scared she might try to eat him.

Well that's all the excitement I have for now...I have a full day orientation on the JCFS computer system tomorrow AND Thursday, so my life is just too crazy for words...

Love you all.