Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I have nothing important to say, just thought I'd post more pictures. This is me, Laura and Laurie (cruise staff) at the beach in Costa Rica. I'm going back there in two days. Wait till you see how tan I get! Okay gotta go play pictionary. I love my life.



Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Carnival

Hi all,

Yesterday it was Carnival in Aruba! I went to the parade and it was a LOT of fun. The costumes were really elaborate and there was lots of music and dancing, very festive. It seemed like everyone in Aruba had come out to celebrate. I had been seasick the night before and that morning, so I felt a litle out of it, but mostly had a good time with Rachel, Brianne and Adam. After the parade we went to Hooters for dinner. Hooters in Aruba?? you say? Yep and it was delicious. I had wings and curly fries. Last night was movie night with the teens but none of them came so I read my book for an hour and a half and then closed up and went to the OB. Today we are in Curacao but I have IPM so i can't get off the ship. I'm working in the internet cafe/library right now (the EC) and then I have a ping pong tournamant at 5 and "Scene It" at 9pm. Not a bad day. I had planned to get some laundry done today but it never happened.

Dad and Vladee, I'm glad you figured out how to post, but let's post some real comments...not jibberish, yes? I get really excited to see I have new comments and then I open it and I see "a;lsdkfj;alsdkfja;lsdkfj" ?? That is a let down :)

Well kids, internet time is money so I'll say bye for now. How are things at home today? See you all in three months!



P.S. I heart sister.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Tired with a capital T

The Pic is me and Rachel, my dancing friend. She made up a fun scholarship line dance for me when I found out U of Chicago is giving me a boatload of money to go to school there! So now it is 3am. Why is Amy up at 3am? Was she up partying and drinking and dancing the night away??? ...NO! She was playing Phase 10. It's some kind of mutant game of "uno" and supposed to take an hour. Three and a half hours later, I finally won! We are either really good or really bad at that game, seeing as it took us all night to finish. I was so tired my eyes were closing, but it's a good thing I stayed since I won. :) I have to work at 10am on the beach, building sand castles and then beach volleyball. Then I'm off till 4pm, so I'll maybe nap on the beach a little. Ship life continues to be good. I was in port today so I got to talk to some of you. That was really nice and made me happy. For those of you I didn't talk to, love you and will try to call next time. I got a package of shoes, a card and some candy from mom and dad today. Getting mail on the ship is SO FUN!!! If anyone wants to send me mail, please feel free. Everyone gets really jealous when you get mail. Heehee. Well I'm beat but wanted to say hey. P.S. Grandma and Grandpa rock the house.

Love you all


Monday, February 20, 2006

Drumroll Please.......

Dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadad.....(that is the sound of a drumroll)...I have been accepted to University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration!!! Yippee!!! I will hear about any scholarships I might have received tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Now that I've gotten in to all my schools, I have to make a decision on where to go. A full ride to Chicago would make that choice a LOT easier!

Ship life is good, went to the beach in Costa Rica today and only have to work 9-11pm. Last night was a blast but definitely didn't get enough sleep. I think I went to bed around 4am but really, I have no idea. You lose all concept of time on the ship. The beach we went to today wasn't as nice as the one in Curacao but the water was good and there were fun waves to play in. I went with Laura and Laurie, two cruise staff girls. After that I got a pedicure at this little spa in the market. It was only $15 and they did a really good job. I know I was mopey at the start of the cruise but I'm 100% okay now. The fun has begun and the people are great and the ports are awesome. This is such a cool job. Anyway, hope everything is good at home. Comment when you can, love to hear from you!


Amos bo Bamos

p.s. The pics are a group of us having dinner in Aruba at Iguana Joe's and a pic of the beach I went to in Curacao called Kontiki Beach. Preeetttyyy.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I'm sitting in the Panama Canal

Okay I'm not actually sitting IN the canal, the ship is sitting in the canal and I am sitting on the ship. I didn't go ashore today but there isn't much to see anyway. There are lots of good excursions from here but all are about an hour away. The place where we port has a little strip mall thing and past that looks pretty scary. I'm not planning to spend a lot of time in Panama. Tonight we are having a big crew party on the mooring deck, so that should be fun. I'll download some pics tomorrow and post them. I don't have work till 5pm so I'll have time on my hands. We will be in Costa Rica tomorrow and I think I may go back to the beach. My sunburn is feeling better and I'm ready for another go at it. We will be docked from 7am-5pm so plenty of time for fun. I just realized that I have no idea what day it is today. Not the slightest. On the ship you go by where you are, like today is Panama day. After Costa Rica we have two sea days then back to Ft. Lauderdale. I will try to call a lot of you when I'm in port. I have a lot of minutes to use since I can only use my phone 3 days per month. Now that I'm back into the ship groove I'm feeling a lot better and having a really good time. Still not sure if I'll come home June 2nd or extend longer. Miss you all. Post comments and lemme know whats up at home!


Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm a lobster monster!

Hi all,

Ship life is improving. Yesterday I was in Aruba and went mini-golfing with a bunch of people and then out to Iguana Joe's for dinner. We were up late at the OB and had a lot of fun being silly. Today Rachel (cast member) and I went to the beach in Curacao and got very sunburned. I used sunscreen but alas...it didn't do me much good. I hate to see what I would have looked like WITHOUT sunscreen. We were there from 11-3, then came back to the ship to get some cash and went to McDonalds for dinner. I never eat McD's at home but today it was the most delicious food I have ever had. I scarfed a quarter pounder, fries and three chicken nuggets like it was my last meal. It was so good. We hadn't eaten all day and were starving. now I feel a little gross, but we swam and walked a lot today so I think it's okay to have a little grease. Tonight I have work only from 9-11, so its a really easy day. We are going to play "Scene It" with the teens. It's a fun game about movie trivia. Tomorrow we are at sea headed towards Panama. It will be a long day, with work from 11am-11pm pretty much. Well, I think I'm going to take a nap since I only slept about 5 hours last night. More to come. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm a little mopey today...

Hi Guys,

So here I am on day 3 of my contract. We're at sea today so Ill be pretty busy working from 11-12, 2-6, 6:30-7:30 and 9-11. I just have a few minutes before my first activity so I wanted to say hi. So far things are fine, but not the same as last time. A lot of people I kow are still here, but all the other Club HAL girls I worked with are gone. My new boss is nice but very strict and definitely won't be hanging out with me in the OB (officer's bar). It's a very different atmosphere now and not nearly as much fun. I'm kinda homesick. I'm sure it will go away once I get in the swing of things though. I haven't gotten off the ship yet because I won't get my ID till later today. Oh boy, they just announced a crew fire drill. Gotta run. More later.



Monday, February 13, 2006

Welcome to Charlotte, NC

Hi friends and family!

I'm sitting in the airport in Charlotte waiting for my connecting flight. I'm really very tired because sister and I have not slept much in the past week and the past two nights especially. But sisters only get to see eachother once in a blue moon (that has been my saying of the week) so sleep had to be pretty much deducted from the schedule. I slept all the way here, which is great because usually I can't sleep on planes, so now I'm feeling a little better. I'm sitting in the food court and it smells really good. I'm trying to decide which place I want to get some food from. For those of you that I got to see this week, it was so nice spending time with y'all! (trying to keep some of the southern charm I gained in the past year) The week went by incredibly fast but I had one of the most fun weeks ever. It was especially great to spend so much time with Linny, because as you all know, she is my best friend in all the world and I love her a lot. We definitely squeezed every drop of fun out of this week. Woo HOO! I was a little sad going to the airport today, because I will really miss you guys and miss home. But I know that the next four months are going to be such an awesome experience and that makes it a little easier to leave. A lot of you have been asking when I'll be home. My contract is thru June 2nd, but I can extend thru early August if I want. I'm going to give it some time and see how it goes before I decide. I may be really homesick by June, or I may love Alaska and want to stay longer. Either way, I'll be home first week of August at the latest. Okay I have to go get some food before we board...so I'll say adios for now. Keep reading cuz I am going to try to post as much as possible. Comments comments comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!