Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!

Yeah, over here they don't say Merry weird is that? I had drinks with this girl Jenn yesterday, she's a new friend of mine from Canada, but she's married to a paddy, so we had a good long chat about the weird words here. Like HOT PRESS. You think...something that you use to make a panini? No. Irish people say hot press when they mean, the closet where your hot water heater lives. Just another oddity that I will never understand.
How do you like my pics? Let's see...we have me and linny and jason with G&G at the Chop House for their Annual Dinner Night, then the demolition of the front of the house, Steve put in a huge new front window and did plenty of damage taking out the old one, then is my first painting that I've completed in art class...not a great pic of it but the painting turned out really well. I'm on to my second and third now...and finally is Steve and I at a fancy hotel we visited a few months back, which was a birthday gift from his family. Sweeeet.

So what is everyone up to for Christmas? P.S. sorry I've been delinquent with this thing...very busy with work and all but still no excuse... I think I heard everyone is going to Auntie Laurie's for Christmas Day? What about tonight? We're probably staying in tonight, although it seems that Christmas Eve is a "go out to the pub" holiday here...I suppose any excuse for a pint, really...haha. Just Kidding! Steve, Ruthie and I all have head colds, so I think its PJ's and bad TV for us. Tomorrow morning we're going to his sister Lynn's house for breakfast and then Ruthie is making a ham and a turkey tomorrow night. Friday is a holiday here too. It's called St. Steven's Day, so I assume Steve will think we are all supposed to walk around worshipping him. I'm going to hide all the grapes just in case.

All is well here. Work has been VERY busy and we are still very understaffed, but I still really like the job. My mom will be here in three weeks, which is cool! My immigration expires while she is here, so we will be in Ireland for a week, then Scotland for a few days and then to London for a bit. Then I'll stay in London an extra week while I wait for my new paperwork to come thru...fingers crossed that it does...

My friend Evelyn from DC emailed me last week to see if I want to meet her in Spain in March, so I said Woo Hoo! Count me in! Sooo...Madrid is on the horizon. You ahve no idea how excited I will be to get some sun!!!

I hope people are still checking this, I'll send a reminder email that a new post is up and then everyone can get to commenting. I want to hear what everyone got for Christmas!!

P.S. I am sending gifts home for mom, dad, linny and jason with mom next month. I didnt get to the post office in time for the "Christmas Post" and everything shuts down here completely from now till about January I said...strange land...

LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Merry Christmas and Happy St. Steven's Day. It was good to talk to you the other day. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

We all had a nice holiday. The kids got things they really like/wanted. We had good visits at both G&G's and Auntie Laurie's. Your Mom is also excited about her upcoming trip. She was telling us you'll spend time in London. That's cool.

We're having an unusually warm day today (almost 60), but it's raining and with the melting snow and a big thunderstorm headed this way there are flood warnings. We've already had seepage in the basement since 5:30 a.m. Not good. I'm just waiting for the heavy storms to blow through and hoping we can keep us w/the mopping.

Uncle R is taking this week off so we hope to go downtown or do some fun things while he's home. Just having him play with them and the Lego sets is fun for the kids.

Well, not much else new in the past 3 days...

Love you and miss you,
Auntie J.

Linny said...

Merry Christmas to you and Steve! By the way you two have the same color that pic you posted. Christmas here was nice. On Christmas Eve I went to Rick's sister's house in Elmwood Park. His family bought me a ton of gifts and I was not expecting anything so that was nice. I got some candles, soaps, money, mac n cheese (Ricks really funny to tell them that's what I'd want for Christmas) pajamas, a fall coat from Kenneth Cole, a sweater and some gift cards. Not bad huh! They are all very nice and we had a huge feast. Rick and his brother in law made lobster tails, crab legs and steaks outside and then we had potatoes, asparagus, etc too. Great dinner. Christmas Day Jason picked me up and we went to Auntie Laurie's. Uncle Ron had his side there too so that was nice...lots of people, lots of good food. They had Brunetti's catering. Lasagna and beefs and lemon chicken mmmm and a TON of desserts. I ate too much. Last night I went out with Yin and Megan to Piazza Bella for dinner and gift exchange then stopped at the Treys for a few before going home. AJ said it is warm here and all the snow is melting which makes me very happy! Parking is now possible on my street without a foot of icy snow preventing that from happening. I am fortunate enough to live on the 2nd floor so I don't have to worry about flooding but I am sorry to hear your basement is flooding AJ :-( I'd like to see some more posts on this thing from the fam! Ahem....let's get typing, Parats!

Love you and miss you,

Linny and Luce

Anonymous said...

good job posting linny luce and auntie julie! well we are not in bed sick for the fourth day in a row. my head cold is pretty much gone, im just sniffly, but steve has strep and feels like his throat is filled with razor blades. ive been laying down so long now i think im stuck this way. although i did spend a few hours on the couch working on a new painting today so thats something...i still have tow more days off work so hopefully tomorrow i'll rejoin the land of the living and get out of the house for a while... christmas day here was nice...we didn't end up going to Lynn's house for breakfast because i had a cold, ruthie had a stomach bug and steve had strep, so she didn't want us there infecting her 5 month old baby. soo...we stayed here and put together cillian's new bob the builder work bench, watched movies all day and ate a huge meal. i got some nice gifts, including an art book, chocolate, socks, picture frames, money, a cappuccino maker, a few bottles of wine and my favorite, measuring cups! all the recipes here are in grams...not cups, because of the metric system, so it's really hard for me to use american ruthie found me some measuring cups!

anyway, back to my indentation in the matress for now...i swear tomorrow i will get up!


Anonymous said...

i meant NOW in bed...

Megan S said...

I love your blog! You and Steve are too cute. Your painting is AWESOME! I am so impressed. Hope you are well. Don't get locked in the hot press! Ok, talk soon.