Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year, Etc...

Hello everyone,
I hope everyone had a great New Year's...Did everyone make it till midnight? We were sick for about a week over Christmas, so we ended up staying home with Ruthie and her boyfriend Rossa. We made margaritas and then popped the Champagne at midnight and had a lot of fun just sitting around having a laugh. I went back to work three days last week, just doing emergency duty, so we had a big mix of social workers from all the offices in the area. It was nice to meet some of the other social workers. We had to do a few home visits but overall it was quiet, which is good news. Yesterday we took Steve's dad to lunch and to the theater to see "The Old Curiosity Shop" by Charles Dickens, which was his Christmas present. It was a nice day and he seemed to really like it. The play was good, the plot wasn't great but the characters were VERY funny. Its a cold and rainy Sunday today...I was thinking of going into town to go shopping, but the weather is awful and I'd just get soaked. I think it might be a day to stay home and work on some paintings. On Friday night one of Steve's friends saw a pic of my painting (that I posted last time) and now he wants me to do one for him too! So that's exciting...maybe one day I'll even be a real artist. I have two more that are almost done, so I'll post those in the next few weeks.

So the pics this week are Steve and I on New Year's Day, me at lunch yesterday, Steve and his dad at lunch, and me and my Canadian friend Jenn on Friday night. Let's see...what else is new?? My mom will be here in about a week, so that's exciting! We have lots to do and so little time. I still have to turn in my new visa application, so I have no idea what's going to happen with that, and won't know until probably the end of January. My boss at work has her fingers and toes crossed that I'll be able to go back to my job soon. Another two people in my office got offers elsewhere so we're crumbling as far as staff goes...anyone want to be a social worker in Dublin?? Also we've been looking for apartments and I think we'll be moving out in the next month! Woo hoo! It will be nice to have our own place, although it might be strange at first to live somewhere quiet again.. :) And the best part, once we move out, we're getting a dog! Yes...a little immitation Toulouse I think, except we're going to call it Vincent...

Oh! Dana Jones got engaged last weekend in Mexico! So we are all very excited for her and Josh. They're trying to plan it for this summer if possible, but they have to see if they can find a place to have it that's not already booked out! Hooray for her! ...So I think that's about all the info I have for now...comments please!

Love you all,

Amy (and The Mick)


Linny said...

So you're hair is looking pretty must've had a cut since you were here. Not bad! But why are you showing off your ta ta's in all these pics?!? PG rated.....the Stoller children read this! Just teasing but holy guacamole, you sure are showin off the girls.

New Years was nice...I think I talked to you through texts....Rick and I went out for a very nice dinner then came home and counted down with Dick Clark and Queenie (Toulouse for those of you wondering who the heck Queenie is). I passed out shortly after midnight....I was tired and had a stiff martini at dinner. Anyway...nice pics Ame. Keep posting some more. I will email you some pics of the Queen nyou can post if you'd like. Have to change the laundry....Talk to you soon.



Vincent is good name but will it make the Mick think of Vinnie his old drinking pal?!?

Linny said...


Steven's dad is so very cute!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! yes he is very cute. the girls were out for those two events but normally they are tucked away. just so happens i was taking pics those two nights... steve thinks i should dress like that more often. i said im going to buy more cardigans. yes def send pics of toe and i will post for all to see...and no i haven't cut my hair, its just looking different these days...dont know why...and yes, we did think that the dog would remind us of vinnie, but vinnie was kind of like a pet anyway, a very troublesome pet, but hopefully this one will be better behaved!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Thanks for your concern Linny, I think Amy looks great in her pics. The PG rating is okay for Em and Jaim. (Now if Kume was a little older he may have been banned...)

Glad you're feeling better Ame. We had a quiet NY. Em slept over at a friend's house and the other 4 were crashed by 9 p.m. I slept a while and woke up at 11:45 in time for the big moment. By 12:03 we were in bed. Whoopee! That's just what happens when you get old.

We still have Manny w/us. Maybe just til next week. Not much else new...back to school work and all the usual activities.

Oh, one bit of excitement. On 12/30 the Maurice Lennell factory closed permanently. We went there to buy whatever cookies we could adn while we were there we were interviewed for CLTV. We were on the 5 p.m. broadcast that night! Our 5 minutes of fame. They interviewed Uncle R., Me, Em and Jaim and followed us out to the van and filmed us putting the cookies in. Best part was we stocked up on the ML's for about the next year or so...

Love you and miss you!
Auntie J.

Anonymous said...

time to post some new pics and happenings sister. i feel so far away from you :( how are things?? miss you xoxoxoxoxxo

- love sister yin