Saturday, October 11, 2008

save the date!

hi guys,

my plane ticket has been booked! i'll be home november 8th for a week! woo hoo!!

okay okay, everyone take a minute to wipe the tears of joy from your eyes so you can continue are things? all is well here. Linny has been asking for more one is me on the pier in howth (five minutes from our house) and then of course you have one of us hanging out with a random leprechaun...they're EVERYWHERE over here! steve and i are babysitting tonight because its Ruthie's 30th birthday, so she's off for a night with the girls. i was meant to go along too, but i was out a little too late last night with the girls from the office, if you know what i i'm gonna pass tonight (gorgeous pic of me in the kitchen is proof of my fragile state...taken a few minutes ago).

work is going really well. i have ten families now so im constantly busy and spend most of my days tramping all over dublin on home visits, meeting with psychiatrists, visiting clients in the hospital and tracking drug use at the methadone clinics. never a dull moment. i'm hoping to find out next week if my boss will sponsor me on for my green card. if she does, then ill get a 2 year permit to live and work here. (the permit i have now expires in january) if she won't, then unfortunately ill have to look for another job that will. immigration laws are no fun.

im still doing hot yoga on tuesday nights and its a lot harder than i thought it would be! im always sore after...and then i've got art class on thursday nights, which i love. im one of the only people there under 60...but they're all really funny. i'm just finishing up the sketch of my first project and next week ill start painting it. i'm going to try oil paints, which i haven't used before, so we'll see how it goes. i'll post pics when its finished.

not much else to tell...the weather is really nice, 50-60ish and sunny a lot of the time, so pretty soon you'll all be jealous of me, rather than the other way around. i'm really excited to come home and see everybody! hope all is well, hugs to all the kids, and ill see everyone in a few weeks!


Linny said...

Tell Mr. Johnston I like their kitchen. And tell Steve nice purse.


ame on the move said...'s his laptop case that i got him for his birthday!

Anonymous said...

thanx Lynnie. Amy told me it was a man bag and all the hot men in America have them... not sure though...
(i'm having a bit of an identity crisis!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Glad to hear you'll be home soon for a visit.

We've been very busy the past 3 weeks. We signed up for the "Safe Families" program and 4 days later we had our first placement. He's 14 mos old and a real cutie. It's sure different having a 1 yr old around again, bottles, diapers, teething...oh my! He's going to be here at least another month so you can meet him when you are here.

Otherwise, we're still crazy busy w/all the activities. We're going to GL this weekend for an African Heritage conference which we also attended last year. It's held at the conference center and we'll stay at G&G's house w/them for the weekend. We're all looking forward to the mini trip. Baby E won't be going w/us, he's going to spend the weekend w/his mom. I got to meet her Monday and we talk almost every night on the phone.

Well, that's about all that's news w/us. Oh, we're also celebrating our 13th anniv today. Can you believe it's been that long? Time flies.

Lots of love,
Auntie J.

Linny said...

Ame played a mean mean trick on you. "Here Steve, wear this. Alllll the hot men are wearing them back home." Amy walks away and thinks "HaHA sucker. Now NO girls will talk to him-they'll think he is gay"

Poor Steve! No I'm just is perfectly fine to use a bag. A man bag. I may decide to lock Ame up when she gets here so she cannot leave again... you may wanna say you goodbyes! HAaaa

Dear Steve,

She's mine again.

Lots of Love,


Just teasing!
LOVE YOU GUYS xxooxxoo

Linny said...

Are you ever going to update this thing? It's starting to look like Yin's. Thanks.