Monday, August 18, 2008

It's raining. Again.

Bonjour friends and family...

How is everyone?? Some of you guys have been asking about where I live here, what's the house/neighborhood/etc like... so here are some pics to curb your curiosity!
First we have a pic of Dublin City Center first...thats the River Liffey in the front. That's what a lot of the "downtown" area looks like, although "downtown" isn't really the right word for it...they just call it "in town"...Then there's a shot of Travel Teddy after too much Guinness. He's been having a lot of fun lately, so stand by for more pics of him soon. Moving on, you'll see a shot of the coast. I was out for a walk on my birthday and thats where I was walking. It's about five minutes from where I live. Next is a pic of the house I'm living in...and last but not least, Steve and me after my bday dinner. So, hope you like the pics.
Yesterday we took the ferry to Wales because I had to re-enter immigration to activate my work permit, so stay tuned for Travel Teddy's "trip to Wales" pics. When we got back to Dublin we went to a place called The Porterhouse, where they have Oyster Beer! They shuck live oysters into the tank! Eek! It's so delicious though. Anyone coming to visit must try it. Today I have to go to an orientation meeting for my student work permit thing...its mostly for Americans who just got here, to tell them where to go, help them find jobs, apts, it's a bunch of info I don't need but I have to go anyways, to get my ID card. ugh. At least maybe I'll meet some nice people.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Hope Jaimee and Sam had good birthdays too! It's raining again...good thing Linny sent me a sweet pair of Kate Spade Wellies for my bday!! Love them Lin. And I will use them ALL THE TIME!
Love you guys, talk to ya soon!


Linny said...

Your hair is brown again! I forgot. Don't grow it too long know how I feel about you and long hair. Ha! I forgot to check this thing since I talk to you on the phone everyday...keep posting. Nice to finally see a pic of where you live. They have Mr. Bean cars there. Hilarious. You look good. Post more pics of you and Steve. I am going to go to your storage unit today and attempt to find what you want me to send. All is well over here. Toe is asleep next to me. It's raining...and Cubs are starting in 5 min. Woo Wooo. Call you later. I'm sure I'll need help finding my way through the storage space. Love you. Mean it. Hi to the Mick!

dana said... changed your hair..I like it...although I enjoyed the blonde as well. I guess there can only be one blonde in the group :) I decided to look at your blog as I don't get to talk to you much. keep stuff posted so I know what's going on.

Here...let's see. Birthday dinner is Friday..we will send lots of pics. then Melissa leaves the next day. Although she might not be going to San Diego anymore so i hear...but for sure to Vegas. Vern leaves in Oct. She did the Chicago Triathalon today. Everyone else is good...we all went to Gingers last weekend and saw Jason..he pierced his eyebrow...what a silly kid. But it looks good. Anyways...he took care of us..nice to see the Gingers crew. Check facebook for pics from that night :)

later gator.

Big D

jones said...

what's with the travel teddy? i am assuming it came from sue? Its sort of like my gnome Hansel. He took lots of pictures in Vegas...but hasn't really been anywhere since.

post pic of wellies...i hear about them... want to see how cute they are (ps..Linny should have just gotten you the ones from Target that look like frogs on the feet)

ame on the move said...

hi hi so glad you are reading and posting! its exciting to see comments. yeah the blonde grew out so fast and the dark roots looked awful. can't afford to touch them up every 4 weeks so its back to brown. its just past my chin now and i like the length. dont think ill let it go too much longer or it'll get stringy. tell all the girls hi at bday dinner!!! linny...thanks for hunting thru storage. love you a lot! just finished my first day of work but ill do a post about it in a bit. love love love. ame.