Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventures of Travel Teddy

Travel Teddy hitchin' a ride to Wales in Steve's back pocket... TT having a morning coffee break on the ferry...TT hanging out over the bar at the Porterhouse...TT sippin' on a glass of oyster stout...TT taking the bus home after a long day (Can you see him?)


Anonymous said...

Great pics! I love the shots of Santorini and the Amalfi Coast. One day I'd like to see them in person!!

Well, since I gave you most of the lowdown in the e-mail, don't have lots to tell you here except I love the photos. What a great opportunity that was to see all those places.

TT looks a little desparate in the shot where he's hanging off the shelf. Don't jump!!

Since you asked about kids starting school, we actually had laid back school most of the summer. Took last week off due to the GL trip. This week is busy but we got some work in today. We'll just keep plugging along. The girls still have some work left to do in their grades 2&4 workbooks, mostly math, but by the beginning of Sept they should officially be doing their 3 & 5 grade work.

I'm going to begin trying to teach K to read. It's certainly tougher than it was for the girls. He's still working on getting the lower case letters memorized. N just follows along and will probably learn to read with K. She doesn't want to be left out!

It had been hot here, but yesterday and today were really nice, low 80's with a cool breeze off the lake. Go Cubbies...they're 6 games ahead in their division.

We did a lot of Olympics watching last week. I stayed up past my bedtime to see lots of the swimming and gymnastics live. Em loves watching the beach volleyball and cheering on the USA girls team.

Well, got to get the little ones ready for bed.

Love you!
Auntie J.

Linny said...

Travel Teddy! HAHA. Too bad mom doesn't know how to use the internet. I'll have to show her next time I'm over there. Glad to see he is not getting left out. Nice ass Steve.

Love you


ame on the move said...

Hahaha...yeah Travel Teddy is having a lot of fun over here. He goes everywhere with me, but sometimes I forget to take pics. I called mom and told her there was a post featuring TT and she should have dad show her...It's not as good as having a Toe-Louse but it's the next best thing. Love you too...xo

Rogereeno said...

Hey Ame!

Not sure I wished you a happy birthday, so here goes:

Happy Birthday!

We all sang to you (and Sammie and Jaimee) last night at our house and ate some cake on your behalf.

I took the Emilie and Jaimee to Great America and we had a blast. Auntie J., Kumelachew and Negatwa stayed home and got things ready for the evening's festivities while we were gone. Auntie's nerves were tested by our getting home late (about 15 minutes after the Ondrla's arrived and 10 minutes before everyone else arrived - too close for comfort!). My bad!

Regardless, a good time was had by all and we were all thinking of you! Take care!

- Unc <8^O

Yin said...

love the pics of travel teddy!!! miss him. thank god he will have no chance of getting strangled over there. :)